This is an overall helpful piece, but to any new freelance writers reading this, I’d like to offer some bits of advice from a seasoned freelancer: there’s no such thing as “employers” or “salary” in the freelance world. Money and gigs are sporadic and not usually very dependable, which can be both freeing or restricting depending on your needs and lifestyle. Also, ghostwriting shouldn’t be dismissed as less-than in the way this article implies. No, you don’t get a byline at the bottom of your work, but that also means you’re free to write about whatever the client needs without worrying how it’ll impact your image or portfolio. You’re also getting paid, so I’m not sure why missing a byline or other form of acknowledgement is such a bummer. You wouldn’t usually get credits for building out a product with a traditional employer, would you? Didn’t think so.


social activism & technology writer | feminist | criminal justice/LGBTQ studies, ASU 2018

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